Central Kalimantan

  • February - March 2014
  • Central Kalimantan field campaign

Shortly after the Sabah field campaign, Lan Qie moved onto the Indonesian side of Borneo for another T-FORCES field trip and remeasured 11 0.25ha permanent plots at Rekut Camp, in the geographical centre of Borneo situated at the headwaters of the Barito River, Central Kalimantan. This research area was established during the former Project Barito Ulu in 1989 and has since produced a number of important studies on ecology and biodiversity. The permanent plots are in adjacent lowland dipterocarp and kerangas forests, and are, once again, legacy of the late Professor John Proctor (Stirling University) and his former colleagues and students. In particular, Dr Francis Brearley (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Edi Mirmanto (Indonesian Institute of Science) are the main collaborators for this site. Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) provided immense help on the trip’s logistics. BOSF staff Eko Prasetyo participated in the field trip. The team also thank the Mission Aviation Fellowship for the forgetful experience on its float plane in and out of the remote interior of Borneo.