Central and Northern Peru

  • May - October 2014
  • T-FORCES - Leaf Ecophysiology and Traits Field Campaign

Last month saw the end of our six month traits and ecophysiology campaign in Central and NE Peru, along an elevation gradient comparable to the one we sampled in SE Peru last year in the CHAMBASA campaign. The work involved a Peruvian team (many of the same people involved in CHAMBASA last year) coordinated by Norma Salinas and Lisa Bentley. This time the work was funded by the T-FORCES project, a European Research Council Advanced Investigator award to Oliver Phillips (Leeds) in which our Oxford group is a team member. Oxford's main role is to coordinate ecophysiological studies along elevation transects in Peru (2014), Australia (2015) and Africa (2016), which will complement other traits campaigns we will have conducted (or will conduct in Brazil, Ghana and Malaysia).

Text by: Professor Yadvinder Malhi, Professor of Ecosystem Science, University of Oxford

Photos by Percy O. Chambi Porroa, Cristian Costas Pacheco and Flor María Pérez Mullisaca, Milenka Ximena Montoya and Paul Santos Andrade